What's Your Sign?

I'm happy to be able to do an art, that is older than most forms of art on the planet. Humans have sought to adorn ourselves for over 100,000 years, I love the fact that when I work, I share the same spirit as our ancestors who did the same. Jewelry should ALWAYS be personal, have meaning, it is one of our earliest forms of individuality, and everyone deserves it  

                                                                                       -CyRhen Sohngs

Alton, IL based artist, and fashion enthusiast, CyRhen Sohngs has been honing their wire wrapping and fantasy/sci-fi makeup skills for the past several years. Using mostly raw minerals and wire for their jewelry, and pigments that they have made, themselves, for makeup art. Specializing in a style most commonly referred to as “Organic” with their jewelry, and favoring otherworldly/fantasy art, with their makeup.

Inspired by Hollywood costuming and fantasy works, paired with a lack of attention for tutorials and video instruction, they are mostly self taught, and show and compete with their wire work, often. 

Originally planning to move into journalism, they’ve translated most of those skills into their art and community work, as a member of the local art collective and publication “Warm Soda Magazine”